The Secret Waterfall of West Bandung, Malela


There’s a book that tells you where you should go on your vacation.  It’s called your checkbook

Travelling in Bandung not just city tours, shopping, culinary as well. There are many worthy travel destinations for you to know and worth to be visited. Even require a struggle and sacrifice is not small to feel and enjoy the beautiful tour. One of which is a waterfall or Curug, Malela. It located in the middle of the forest and untouchtable spot, some people considered that the view of this Curug like Niagara falls in the United States.

Conditions Indonesian region dominated by the mountains is not surprising many waterfalls or waterfall hidden behind it. Although located in Bandung but Malela waterfall far from the capital of West java, Bandung. This is due to the location of the waterfall is located in West Bandung regency, a new division of territory in the province of West Java. Not surprisingly, also the facilities and infrastructure to and from the area is still fairly minimal even depressing.

The waterfall is located in the village Manglid, Cicadas Village, District Rongga, about 3 hours drive from Cimahi through Cililin. Malela waterfalls located at an altitude around 962 meters above sea level. It has height of about 60-70 m wide and 50 m upstream from the northern slopes of Mount Kendeng which the water will flow Cisokan and Cidadap rivers. in order that, Malela waterfall flow sourced from Mount Halu.The journey to the waterfall Malela is very minimal directions. So it takes your instinct to get to the village Cicadas. The last village before heading to Curug Malela.

There is a tea plantation in this village, Montaya Tea Plantation. From here, you will be treated with the bad roads, slippery if it rains,  hollow, and is still a rocky with red soil just to be able to see the beauty of the waterfall Malela in West Bandung. You can walk or use the services of “Ojek” but for a fee which is quite expensive (around Rp.50,000; roundtrip), but worth the struggle to get across the road for about 6 km (I’m not sure of the distance, but it’s “Far”) . But it’snot directly see the waterfall. You still have to walk from the front gate as far as two miles and through fields and woods. The road is pretty contoured, up and down. Trek to the waterfall is nice with cemented, but there are some parts that are now broken. Although not all of them are made for walking tracks. You should pass the rice field.

Near to the waterfall, you could see the water cascading over a rock ‘Breksi’ and conglomerate is very hard. That’s apparently why this waterfall is called ‘Malela’ that takes away from Kawi language meaning ‘Steel’.

Malela waterfall is a waterfall on the top of seven waterfalls around this village. The 7 waterfall is Malela waterfall, Katumiri waterfall, Manglid waterfall, Ngebul waterfall, Sumpel waterfall, Palisir waterfall and Pameungpeuk waterfalls. But Malela waterfall is the famous then others. The areas away from the capital so support facilities of waterfall Malela like a disaster. There are public toilets but the condition is dirty and no water.

But all struggle while crossing the track to the waterfall will pay off when you are near the waterfall flow. All expenses will disappear instantly. Sound wave flow will take you like an man and waiting for angels come down from heaven then wait them for a shower. Amazing.

For me, travelling is not pay for its comfortable and expensive but the journey. See the reality with its naturity. Curug Malela has for it. Then, I suggest you to see this waterfalls. Amazing journey. Amazing view. Priceless. Interested?. Ask me and I will accompany you and go there.

Have a great travelling and create your own journey.


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