How to Get to Muarajambi?

The Muarajambi Temple compound site is located in the Muarajambi Village, in the District of Maro Sebo, Muaro Jambi Regency, Jambi Province. From the city of Jambi, the site is less than 20 kilometers and may be reached by land transportation or through the river in one hour. The site is spread along 12 kilometers of the riverbanks of the Batanghari River in which old canals or man-made rivers are positioned to connect the Batanghari River with the site. It is through these ancient canals circulating the site that people may reach the temple compounds.

In the Muarajambi Temple compound site that covers an area of 2,612 hectares, there are at least 84 ruins of ancient buildings made of brick construction. Seven of these ancient temples have been given intensive conservation treatment; meanwhile the remaining structures are covered with primary and secondary vegetation as well as surrounded by the local community plantation of Sumatran endemic plants (planted by the local people known as Menapo). The seven temple compounds are the Gumpung, Tinggi I, Tinggi II, Kembar Batu, Astano, Gedong I and Gedong II, and the Kedaton Temple. In addition to the conservation treatment, several ancient canals and old ponds that were previously covered with water vegetation have been cleared and are now restored to normal; such as the ancient canals in the Jambi River and the Telago Rajo Pond. Based on archaeology research and historical sources, the Muarajambi Temple compound site was once the center for worship and education of the Buddhist religion during the period of the Ancient Malay Kingdom in the 7th – 14th century AD.


ü      After arriving at Sultan Thaha Airport you may directly head to Muarajambi or to your hotel first all by car rental, taxi or ojek (motorcycle taxi).

ü      When you enter the area, you must  first purchase a ticket at the ticket post next to the parking area. Price of ticket is Rp 3,000/pax  and Rp. 2,000 for parking.

ü      During the weekends, you are not allowed to take cars into the Muarajambi Temple complex. You should park your car in the parking area provided.

ü      From the parking area, you may rent a becak (cycle rickshaw) to take you to the main entrance of the Muarajambi Temple or you may even walk (approx. distance of 400 meters from the parking area to the main entrance).

ü      After arriving at the main entrance you will find a security post as well as a guest book to sign (optional). Voila! You are now at the Muarajambi compound site, the largest site in Indonesia.

ü      If you need a guide you may ask the guard where they will provide one for you or you may simply explore on your own with the provided brochures.


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