Fierce and Exotic of Tanjung Papuma


“The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”  -Saint Augustine-

For those who prefer traveled coast, eastern Indonesia region known for its exotic beaches, white sands, quiet and very charming. But did you know that Jember has a beach which is very charming and not less when compared with the existing beach on the island of Bali. A beach that is not widely known, including the Indonesian even Jember people. In order that, have you ever heard of a town called Jember ?. what is the first came quickly by you if you heard a town called Jember ?. Maybe, some of you would say that Jember is a hometown from an Indonesia artist. That’s it.
I will tell you further for you escaping places. Tanjung Papuma.

East Java region much less extensive including Jember. A new icon tourism for east java is in this city. Beach. However, a beach located in the village of Sumberejo, District Ambulu and is about 37 km from downtown Jember, Tanjung Papuma is a beautiful beach. Papuma actually named Tanjung Pasir Putih Malikan, later shortened to Papuma. Whereas frills “Tanjung” itself because it is the location of the beach that juts into the sea. Tanjung Papuma is a tourist place that must be visited in Jember other that there is a little story about it.
In addition to this beach tourism, Tanjung Papuma, which are connected by the northern coast of eastern Java there are also hills and forest area of ??approximately 50 ha which now began to be managed and promoted by Perhutani unit II of East Java. So, there will be a warm welcome by the teak forests before heading to Tanjung Papuma.
Tanjung Papuma also has its own uniqueness, the indented coastline south direction allows us to enjoy the Sunrise and Sunset from the same place. Around  Tanjung Papuma, we could see the cluster of rocks which resembles a hill opposite the small island in the sea coast.
While tracing of white sand beaches and admiring the panorama of the beach, the beach is clean, the water clear, and after looking into the middle would look so much coral atolls or atoll-inhabitants call it, because of its size and vacillate in the middle of the blue sea will be seen such as coral islands. Exotic. .
There are 7 (seven) major coral in this coast. Coral islands has its own name taken from the puppet characters such asteacher god island,island kresnaNarada islandthe island of Nusa Barongawning island and Frogs islands. It’s because these huge rock like a giant toad that arise drowned at sea. At low tide or small waves we could go down and stand on rocks. We can stand on the reef while occasionally exposed to the waves while seeing exotic scenery. At low tide when we also get to see a lot of fishermen who catch fish with a hook, if we dare to cross these anglers to join the middle reef really more amazing because we can stand on tall and large reef in the middle of the ocean while the waves that hit the reef a height of approximately 5 meters. Fiercing. So that, it requires for caution.
It will be a wonderful view once when we look from the Siti Hinggil because it would look right in front of a large rock boulder hit by a big wave with the blue sea. Amazing. Of the existing joglo Siti Hinggil, we could see the whole area of the Tanjung Papuma sea coast with white sand, fishing boats, pieces of rocks, little rocks on the shoreline as well as chunks of coral islands in the middle of the sea.
Nowadays, Tanjung Papuma is a popular places for refreshing especially on the weekend. With its uniqueness and simplicity, Tanjung Papuma will re-route your destination for an escaping time. Interested ?. It’s your time.
Have a great travelling and create your own journey.
With Leisure,
Jember, 16 Sept 2012


  1. Budiana Yusuf Reply

    Great…., Indonesia is not only Bali… :)

    3 weeks ago
  2. Nanok Reply

    many beach in Indonesia have a exotic place n sands.. beautifully

    3 weeks ago
  3. ulik andriyaning Reply

    wow indah bgt, hampir serupa dengan pantai lepas selatan d daerah malang, sama2 d hiasi dg batu2 besar d pantai dan lautnya

    1 week ago


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