Disappear at Danau Di Eteh


What you’ve done becomes the judge of what you’re going to do until you’ve seen what have you done

I really didn’t know it before until I came to west sumatera for a travelling. Travelling to west sumatera will leading you as a traveller for a lake trip. There are many lakes located in this province. At least, there are five lakes here, Maninjau, Lake Singkarak, Lake Di Eteh (Above), Below Lake, and Lake Talang. Unless Maninjau, there are four other lakes in Solok.One if it is Twin Lake. Twin lake ? what kind of lake of it.A natural beauty scenery and cool temperature of West Sumatra that will not run out when explored this destination.

You want to feel a sensation by standing on the above of the lake and then disappeared in the mist. You can feel the sensation of this twin lakes in the district Solok, West Sumatra. Why are so-called twin lakes?. It caused there are two adjacent lakes, Di Eteh Lake (above) and the lake below. Called the Twin Lakes area, because the two lakes, namely Lake Di Eteh (Above) and Lake Below is located alongside the distance is only about 300 meters. But, it needed more than 1 hour to reach it since you must rotate the direction. Besides that, name of this two lakes that contradicts based on its location, often make visitors ask why the lake is located on a hill called Lake Below, whereas under the hill or down the road called Lake Di Eteh (Above).

But, no one knows until you see it for yourself.

The lake is located in the district that is in Alahan Panjang. Di Eteh lake was in the street side-Muara Padang Labuh while the other was located in the hill villages Sileh Lembang Jaya district. To reach this area is very easy. From the Singkarak lake, you just follow the rural road and spend your time around 1 hour. You can see the Bukit Barisan highlands while getting there. Di Eteh (Above) lake is an area with ??17.20 square meters, length of 6.25 km and 2.75 km wide, the water surface is at an altitude of 1,600 meters above sea level. The lake is quite shallow, with the deepest part is only 44 meters. And it makes the temperature in Di Eteh lake mostly cool eventhough at noon.Along way while reaching Di Eteh (Above) lake, you will see cloud veil. It will make you as if to disappear from view. So natural. Besides that, many shops sell local fruits like Markisa and terong belanda. Nice to try for you.

The best spot of Di Eteh (above) lake is in Gumati Valley. Which is one of the most beautiful sight and seeing at Di Eteh (above) lake. It’s quite place, windy and good for meditation. But, many couple were getting a date here. hooollaaa.

Eventough there are many villa on this Gumati Valley, but the conditions are not maintained. Big problem and a common in local government. If you have much time, there’s no way to return tour lake trip. Continue and see the Below lake is an advantagde. Unfortunatelly for me. But, only for information, that Below lake is at an altitude 1566 masl. That is, the surface of the water as high as the bottom of the water of Lake Above. However, the lake has an area of ??16.90 square meters, length of 5.62 km and 3.00 km wide is very deep, which is 886 meters. But, some local people say this lake is sanctified. Then it makes, not many people are coming to this Below lake. Besides that, you can not go around on Below lake. Even, touch your hands or feet into the water. You’re could see Below lake from the hill. Do you interesting a lake trip ? Come to West Sumatera and travelling to this twin lake. Nice to try for you. Disappear at Di Eteh lake. Have a great travelling and create your own journey.

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