A Local Culinary From East Priangan … Nasi T.O


If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay home

~James Michener ~


If you are visiting eastern Priangan, one thing that you must try is its culinary. Yummy.

However, for those of you who are not familiar with the word of “Priangan”, I’ll refresh your knowledge. Priangan or Parahyangan often defined as the place where the rahyang or hyang. Ancient Sundanese people believe that the spirits of ancestors or gods inhabit places lofty and high, mountainous region is considered as a place hyang residing.

According to legend Sunda, Priangan land created when the gods smiled and poured all the blessings and blessing. This story is meant to show the beauty and elegance of nature Tatar Sunda fertile and prosperous. No wonder also if Priangan culinary as well as the food of the eastern hyang. Unique, high taste and delicious.

Since Indonesian always eat rice as well as for their food, in eatern Priangan it has one of combination rice for food. It called Rice (read : Nasi) Tutug Oncom or more famous as Nasi TO. In language, the word “Tutug” in Sundanese means Mashing. While Oncom are foods made ??from tofu is soy or peanut bungkil which is fermented like tempeh processing. Oncom has a relatively good nutritional content of carbohydrates and protein with high enough. Oncom itself is one of the heritage foods of Indonesia especially in West Java.

Rice Tutug Oncom in Tasikmalaya actually is a culinary that have existed since the time of the revolution and the old order, at which time the Indonesian people were distraught, especially in terms of food. When the rice is expensive and hard to come by, so the rice becomes a luxury. One way to save and so that everything can be assigned to then be made Rice Tutug Oncom. Not surprising that Rice Tutug Oncom has become special food of the eastern Priangan even Indonesia.

The ingredients if you would like make Rice Tutug Oncom is red onions, garlic, kencur, salt, Flavoring (its only for optional). And Oncom is the secret recipe of this foods. It usually served with oseng kangkung, fried tempeh, fresh vegetables, sauces and a glass of tea.

Now, Rice Tutug Oncom (TO) has become one of the popular culinary specialties in Tasikmalaya. Many local shop even restaurant provide Rice Tutug Oncom for his primary food list with the rasionable prices. So it was not perfect when you’re visiting Tasikmalaya but you don’t taste rice Tutug Oncom.

Interested?. Please come and hunt for its culinary. nomnomnom.


Have a great travelling and create your own journey.


With Leisure,


Tasikmalaya, 2 Feb 2013



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